Cotton Bedding - Cotton sheets - How to wash your sheets ?

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Is there anything better than crawling into bed after a long day? That relaxed feeling is even more blissful when you have comfy and soft cotton sheets on your bed. But as you’re relaxing and drifting off to sleep, you may not be thinking about the right ways to care for your sheets. As much as you don’t want to climb out of bed to do laundry, it’s important to wash your cotton sheets regularly and properly to make sure they stay soft and strong. Here are some tips for washing your cotton sheets.

  • Wash Your Sheets Every Weeks :

Your sheets absorb your body’s oils, sweat, and germs. This residue accumulates quickly and can even cause dust mites. You should wash your sheets every week and that includes your flat sheets, pillowcases, and even duvet cover. 
  • Follow The Care Instructions – And Avoid Very Hot Water 

When your cotton sheets are soiled, it seems logical to get rid of all dirt and stains by washing them with very hot water. Unless you have the cold or flu, you want to avoid washing your sheets in hot water. Hot water will cause the sheets to shrink and fade over time. The heat also deteriorates the high-quality cotton fibers. The best rule of thumb is to follow the care instructions on the label of your sheets. This will guide you on which washer settings to use.
  • Avoid Using Harsh Detergents 

Heavy-duty detergents won’t do a better job than mild detergents of cleaning your cotton sheets. Harsh detergent can actually damage the high-quality, cotton fibers in your sheets. Using a gentle detergent and a small amount of fabric softener will aid in extending your sheets’ lifespan and will keep them soft and durable.
  • Wash Your Sheets Separately 

We all want to save time when it comes to doing the laundry. So if you wash your cotton sheets with your towels and even your jeans, you’ll want to stop this bad habit. Washing your towels and clothing with your sheets causes friction and eventually reduces their quality and durability. Towels and clothing also require more water to wash so mixing your sheets in the same cycle will result in longer drying times. And you don’t want to dry your sheets with towels and clothing either. Towels and clothing produce a lot of lint that can cling to the sheets causing the fabric to break down and lose its softness.

    Should You Wash New Sheets Before Using Them?

    Be sure to wash your cotton sheets before your first use because they may feel a bit rough right out of the package. Some experts even recommended that you pre-wash your new sheets with one cup of baking soda to start the wash, then add one cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle. Only do this the first time you wash them; after that, use the suggested washing instructions below.

    Can You Tumble Dry Cotton?

    Although not ideal, you can tumble dry cotton bedding if you use a low heat setting to prevent it shrinking and remove the items before the cycle ends (we find it's easier to shake out the creases when the sheets are still a little damp!). However, line-drying is the way to go if you want to keep your bedding as fresh as possible, especially as tumble drying will slowly break down the fabric, shortening the life of your bed linen.


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