Tencel Bedding - Tencel sheets - How to dry your sheets ?

Gửi bởiMinh Ha trên

If you can, it’s best to dry your Tencel sheets outside but out of direct sunlight instead of tumble drying them. Letting your Tencel sheets dry naturally helps preserve their integrity and color.

If you choose to use a dryer, set the machine on low-heat and low-tumble. Try not to overdry your Tencel sheets as it can weaken the fibers, and do not use fabric softener sheets when drying your Tencel sheets.

To decrease chances of wrinkles, immediately take the sheets out and make the bed with it. The most optimal strategy is to take your sheets out while they’re still about 25% wet and make your bed with the sheets. This allows them to finish drying on the bed and lessen the look of wrinkles.

You can also give Tencel sheets a crisp look by ironing them at a low-temperature. 


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