Color & Dirt absorb Cloths - 24 pcs - Denkmit - Made in Germany

Regular price 80.000₫

  1. Protection against discoloration and graying
  2. Colors stay bright & whites stay bright white
  3. Without sorting: full machine saves water and energy
  4. Cloth with fibers made from 100% renewable raw materials
  5. 24 pieces
The colored and dirt-trapping cloths from Denkmit with fibers made from 100% renewable raw materials safely absorb dissolved dyes during the washing process before they can settle on other items of laundry.

In this way, they effectively prevent discolouration, unwanted color transfer and graying - especially in clothing with a white component. Regular use protects your textiles and keeps them looking like new for longer - for bright colors and a brilliant white.

*Packaging contains at least 70% recycled content.

This article is cold-active and, thanks to the cold-active formulation, can be used at as little as 20°C, thereby saving energy.