Cotton Bedding - Cotton sheets - How to dry your sheets ?

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With Cotton bedding we would always recommend that you air dry the fabric on a clothesline. Hung correctly, the creasing will be minimal and you won’t have to spend as long on the ironing. Air drying also to maintain the cotton’s lovely natural scent.

If you must tumble dry your 100% Cotton bedding, make sure that you use a relatively low heat. Remove the sheets from the dryer as soon as possible after the cycle has finished and fold them. This will help prevent any stubborn creases from setting in.

Iron the sheets whilst they are still slightly damp with the iron set to a low heat.

100% Cotton bedding is a high-quality item with a truly luxurious feel. Treated well, that stunning quality will last for years to come.

Tips for Ironing Cotton Bedding

Although ironing isn’t compulsory, if you want to bring that pristine hotel look home, it’s worth going the extra mile. Once washed and almost dry, shake your sheets to minimise wrinkles, fold and lay flat on your ironing board. Then, with long, quick strokes, use a medium to hot iron to flatten creases (and also kill any bacteria that has survived the wash!), making sure not to leave it in one spot for too long. Ta-dah! Compared to the relaxed nature of cotton sateen, a little extra effort is needed to give cotton percale bedding a crisp finish, but that only means a little extra satisfaction once all the hard works over.

Cotton duvet covers, pillowcases, and flat sheets are a doddle to iron, however, the trick with fitted sheets is to iron them on the bed using an extension lead for those hard-to-reach corners. Do be careful if you have a polyester topper or mattress though as it might stick, so test a small area first to be on the safe side.


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