Cotton Bedding - Cotton sheets - How to store your sheets ?

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When it comes to buying new sheets and pillowcases, there’s plenty to consider, from thread count to fabric type and how the fabric is produced. But once you’ve found your perfect bedding, you’ll want to keep it pristine as long as possible. Proper storage is one of the best ways to ensure your linens stay fresh and comfortable for years to come. 

Step One: Wash Before Storing

It can be tempting to simply strip a bed of seasonal or spare bedding, put it into storage, and launder it before the next use. But even if your cotton sheets, pillowcases, and comforters appear to be clean, skin cells and body oils can accumulate to form a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. These can break down your bedding over time.

So before packing your bedding away, take the time to wash or dry clean them. You’ll not only help preserve the strength and softness of your bedding, but save yourself a chore the next time your in-laws come to visit.

Step Two: Choose a Cool, Dry Place

Wherever you choose to store your cotton sheets, pillowcases, and comforters, be sure it’s a cool, dark, dry place. For short-term storage, a linen closet or under-bed drawer make great locations. For longer-term storage, experts recommend a more airtight solution. This will help prevent mold and mildew from forming and protect your linens from getting wet, stained, or damaged.

Step Three: Use the Right Container

Plastic bins are an economical, water-resistant, and reusable option for storing bedding. Larger ones are great for storing bulkier items like pillows and comforters, while low-profile bins can be tucked away into tight spaces, like underneath beds.

Cedar chests provide heirloom-quality storage for natural fiber linens, as the oils in cedar are a natural moth and insect repellant. Tip: you can boost the wood’s effectiveness by gently sanding the interior of the chest every year to stimulate the wood’s oils.

Finally, vacuum-sealed bags are an ideal choice for smaller spaces. By placing your bedding inside these plastic or nylon bags, you can simultaneously provide airtight storage for your bedding while reducing the amount of space it takes up. (One word of advice: experts advise against placing authentic goose down comforters or pillows inside vacuum-sealed bags, but all other synthetic and natural fibers are perfectly fine.

Remember: Begin with the Best for Lasting Quality

Of course, proper storage alone can’t ensure your bedding will stay luxurious. For that, you must start with the highest quality cotton bedding you can find. 


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