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"Thread count” can be a confusing phrase to the bedding buyer. Is it a mark of craftsmanship or simply a marketing phrase? The truth is there is much more that goes into quality linen than a catchphrase. Below, we reveal the ins and outs of thread count and what you need to know to make a smart bed sheet purchase.

What is thread count?

Thread count is defined as the number of threads per one square inch of sheeting. For example, a 600-thread count sheet has 600 threads per square inch.

Games Manufacturers Play.

Thread counts can range from 60 to 800 and above. If you see anything over 380, though, that's likely an inflated figure. Sometimes manufacturers pad their numbers by counting the “ply” (multiple threads twisted together to create a single thread). Independent tests have revealed that sheets claiming to have a thread count of 1,200 actually have as few as 416.

How High Should You Go?

Good quality sheets have a thread count between 200 and 400. But don’t forget that other factors can have at least as much of an impact on your sheets’ look, feel, and durability—such as the material or the length of the fiber. Sheets made from long-staple or long-fiber cotton are softer and pill less than shorter fibers. 

Thread count is the only factor to consider when considering bedding ?

Thread count is not the determining factor of quality sheeting. A buyer should look for the following details when comparing bedding choices.

  • Pay attention to the distinction between where the fabric was woven and where it was cut and sewn into a sheet. 
  • While it’s okay to lean towards a higher thread count, don’t be fooled into only looking at thread count. It’s just one piece of the equation.



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