Tencel Basic Set - 1 Duvet cover, 1 Fitted sheet and 2 Pillow cases

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Tencel Bedding

Set A set of 1 Duvet cover, 1 Fitted sheet and 2 Pillow cases bed sheet SET

• Soft 100% Tencel

• 300 Thread Count

• Made in Vietnam

• Fits mattresses with a thickness up to 30cm ( for 160x200cm and 180x200cm bedsize ) and upto 35cm ( for 200x200cm and 220x200cm bedsize) since the fitted sheet has elastic edging.

• Pillow cover size 50x70

• Duvet cover for Queen size bed (160x200) size is 220x240/ King size bed (180x200) size is 260x240

How to properly wash Tencel fabric :

  • With Tencel being a natural material line, you should wash the blanket and pillow with water with an average temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius, this will help keep the fabric intact, avoiding the case of the fabric being wrinkled or shrinking. under the influence of heat.
  • Hand washing and using a mild detergent will help tencel fabrics last longer When you wash it by hand normally, the fabric will have a slight ruffle (a very fine and fine coat) which is completely normal for tencel fabrics, so don't worry too much. You should use detergent with neutral detergent, avoid using products with strong detergents, this will destroy the natural texture of Tencel fabrics. It is for this reason that you find your clothes are stained with color holes after washing, causing a loss of aesthetics for your blankets and pillows.
  • With the first wash, you only need to use water, limit the use of detergents or detergents. You can gently rub to remove stains on the set, absolutely do not rub vigorously, or use a brush to rub directly on the surface of the fabric, this will cause your bedding to be heavily bristled. Best with tencel, you can dry clean, hand wash or machine wash on a gentle setting to avoid damaging the fabric surface.
  • In case you machine wash, use a large specialized washing bag to ensure the quality of the fabric, because when washing on a strong setting, the fabric will be strongly shed. Therefore, you absolutely need to pay attention to this case, use a dedicated washing bag and wash it on a gentle setting to preserve the product!
  • Drying and preserving the Tencel fabric You absolutely do not expose the product to direct sunlight because the heat from the sun can cause the Tencel fabric to shrink and easily fade the color of the product. If you have accidentally washed the blanket on rainy days, use an electric fan to dry it instead of a machine because the high temperature from the dryer will affect the surface quality of the tencel fabric!

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on. Please visit our store to see sample.

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